NASA Sounding Rocket Working Group Charter
Effective Date - July 1989


To counsel the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on the performance and plans of the NASA Sounding Rocket Program, with particular emphasis on the operation and support of sounding rocket payloads.

To provide a forum for exchange of information on sounding rocket systems, operational support, and developments in science as they affect the Sounding Rocket Program.


The Working Group will consist of approximately twelve members, one of whom will be the NASA Sounding Rocket Project Scientist, who will serve as Chairman.  The other members will be appointed from the principal scientific disciplines served by sounding rockets and from the technical and management support areas of importance to the NASA Sounding Rocket Program.  Members will be appointed by the Director, Goddard Space Flight Center.

Terms of Service

Except for the Project Scientist, terms of service of the members shall normally be three years.


Meetings will be held as needed but not less than twice yearly.  The Chairman shall invite any participants necessary to accomplish the business of the meetings.  The agenda for the meetings will normally be established by the chairman at least six weeks prior to each meeting.  The NSRWG advice will be reported to the Sounding Rocket Project Manager at Goddard Space Flight Center/Wallops Flight Facility (GSFC/WFF) in addition to the Chairman's normal reporting to the GSFC Center Director.  The minutes of the meetings will be distributed to both the Sounding Rocket Project Manager at GSFC/WFF and to the Sounding Rocket Program Manager at NASA Headquarters.

Project Scientist Role: The Project Scientist is from the Space and Earth Sciences Directorate, GSFC, and serves as Chairman of the Sounding Rocket Working Group (SRWG).  On a daily basis, the Project Scientist represents the interests of the sounding rocket investigators in working with the Project. The Project Scientist also evaluates all scientific and engineering requirements placed on the Sounding Rocket Program and provides guidance to the NASA Headquarters Program Manager, the Sounding Rocket Project Manager at GSFC/WFF, and all others involved in the Program.  The Project Scientist reports to the Center Director, GSFC.